Staff Fixation 2015-16 - Documents required to be attached with the proposal

1.Staff Fixation proposal signed by the Manager

2.Staff List 2015-16

3. School building plan

4.Building Fitness Certificate

5.Sixth Working Day Strength (in Proforma -I)

6.UID/EID Report taken from Sampoorna (Signed by Manager,HM,and Class Teacher)

7.UID/EID Consolidated Certificate(Signed by Manager and HM)

8.HM counter signed Class Teachers' Certificates regarding the authenticity of admitted students in the cases where both UID and EID are missing in the UID/EID Report taken from Sampoorna.

9.Copy of Staff Fixation Orders for the last three years namely 2010-11 ,2013-14 and 2014-15.

10.The list of Protected and Retrenched Teachers or Nil Report 

11.Sixth working day Report taken from IT@School web site.

12.Covering letter

Download above list - PDF

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